Money, built for you

Divi is an efficient borderless currency built for everyday people. Secured by a proof-of-stake protocol, Divi is run by and for its users.

Decentralized. Efficient. Fair.

A currency governed by it's users. That's Divi.



Secured by a global network. No single point of failure. Built for global finance.



Divi’s Proof of Stake protocol uses a fraction of the energy of other Proof of Work currencies. We’re here for the long haul.



Anyone can be a part of the Divi Network. Ease of use facilities inclusion, which makes us all safer.

The Divi Network

A network prepared for global finance.

Fast blockchain


Payments in seconds. Harnessing the power and security of blockchain.



Our blockchain is there when you need it. Operational for 5+ years. 100% uptime.


Distributed security

Over 50000 validators across the globe, keeping the network secure for everyone.

The lottery block

The Lottery Block

The Lottery block occurs once per week, and rewards 11 lucky stakers in Divi's ecosystem. To be eligible, all you need to do is win staking rewards. Every stake is a ticket for the weekly draw!

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