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Buy crypto

Buy your favorite crypto. Easily.

It's time to enter the world of crypto. Purchase crypto using your Debit or Credit Card, Bank Account, or Wire Transfer, all within the best crypto wallet on the market.

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Convert your crypto. Flexibility without compromise.

With Divi Wallet, you can swap over 270 currencies, without giving up control of your funds. You shouldn’t have to choose between security and functionality, so don’t?

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Pay in a swipe

Instant payments. In a swipe.

Whether it’s across town or across the world, Divi Wallet is there. Instant crypto payments for everyone.

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Earn with Divi Nodes

The easiest nodes in crypto.

Set up in seconds. No coding required. Secure the network from your smartphone. It’s never been easier to earn crypto rewards.

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Earn with Divi Vaults

Your Vault. Your rewards. Everyone’s network.

We’re making staking even easier because the more people we have, the safer we all are.

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Divi Performance

Take back control of your wealth.

One wallet, one consolidated view. Manage your Divi Nodes. Track your Vault returns. Monitor portfolio performance. Organizing your assets should be this easy.

Divi Money

Money the way it should be.

Your money doesn’t sleep, so why settle for a bank that does? Divi Wallet brings you the best of banking, all of the time. No exceptions.

Ethereum Support

Ethereum Support 🤝 Divi Wallet.

Ethereum support allows access to over 270 tokens. Whatever crypto you’re into, we’re into. 

It’s time. Download the future of finance.
Divi Wallet is the easiest way to send and receive crypto. Store DIVI, BTC, ETH, and LTC. Earn crypto rewards from Divi Nodes. What are you waiting for?

Available in US and UK app stores only. Get notified when we launch in your country.

Powered by blockchain. Secured by its users. That’s Divi Wallet.
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We’ve worked with the best.

Divi is building an ecosystem of Developers and Partners to drive end-to-end value for the entire Digital economy.

Experience the future of crypto.


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