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Buy, sell, convert, and earn crypto with our fully self-custodial wallet.

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Your money, your way

Pay friends and family in seconds. Send to a username, phone number, or email.

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Earn crypto

Earn competitive crypto rewards by staking our native DIVI coin.

Buy and sell crypto

Buy and sell crypto

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or one of 270+ currencies at the tap of a button.
See our full list of currencies.

Conversion divi coin - ethereum

Convert crypto

Convert crypto from any wallet with low-fees, and complete flexibility.

Your self-custodial wallet. 100% of the time.

Divi Wallet is fully self-custodial, meaning no one else has access to your funds. We don’t believe you should sacrifice security for convenience.

This is true financial independence.

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Buy crypto, whenever, wherever

Buy and sell the world’s best-performing coins with confidence. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USDT/USDC with you Credit ore Debit Card, or simply link your bank account (US Accounts only).

See list of supported tokens

Put your crypto to work

Earning crypto rewards easily with Divi Wallet. Our proprietary self-custodial vaults allow users to support the Divi Blockchain and earn competitive returns, all from their mobile phone.

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DiviWallet app – Stacking vault screen
DiviWallet app – Card purchase screen

Convert your assets instantly

Got Bitcoin but want Ethereum? Instantly swap between your favourite tokens, without leaving the wallet. Seamless conversions get you the currency you need in minutes.

The security and support you didn’t know you were missing.

Secure payments

Blockchain secured payments

You can trust your funds will get to their destination safely.

Biometric security

Biometric Security

We’ve leveraged biometric security, adding an additional layer of protection for our users.

24/7 support

24/7 Support

Taking the stress out of crypto. Our team of dedicated support stars are here to help, no matter where you are.

Total control

Total control. All of the time

Plan for the future with confidence. We believe you should have total control of your money.

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Official Regional crypto wallet of LaLiga

We’re bringing blockchain to the beautiful game. As regional partners for the Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia, India, and China, we’re ready to help over 1 billion people take the leap into crypto. Football fans, meet crypto.

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