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Vertically integrated solutions drive user adoption and growth for all major technologies. Blockchain is no different. Divi Labs is striving to offer all of the features and functionality of our wallet, with complete access to our ecosystem partners via a robust API.
With our Wallet as a Service offering, organizations can integrate our self-custodial wallet into their ecosystem allowing their users to utilize crypto for all the latest use cases.

NFT 2.0

The first liquidity provisioning protocol for NFTs. Bridging the gap between DeFi and NFTs by enabling holders and minters to extract value from their NFTs that remain totally under their control. This novel technology makes use of $DIVI on the Ethereum network (eDIVI) while enhancing the liquidity of the asset.


Going beyond simply tokenizing points, the Divi Loyalty 2.0 framework enables businesses to collaborate quicker, share loyalty assets across multiple systems, and empower users to own their rewards in ways never before possible. By leveraging $DIVI on Ethereum, as well as Divi’s novel staking vault technology, both businesses and consumers win. We're in active conversation with companies both inside and outside of the crypto-industry.


Our vision is to support as many ecosystems, coins, and tokens within our applications, allowing for effortless movement across ecosystems. Our vision remains the same: continue to push the adoption of blockchain technologies globally. Expect continued coin integrations and use cases within Divi Wallet, as we open the doors to anyone and everyone.

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