The future of staking is here

By assigning DIVI as collateral, you become a validator of the network. Validators are responsible for processing transactions and keeping our ecosystem secure. Think of it as a term deposit, only better.

The most flexible way to earn.

Start with as little or as much as you want. With Divi Vaults, there is no minimum deposit, and you can add or remove funds at any time. Vaults are designed so that everyone can participate in the network. 

Think bank deposit, only better.

With estimated annual returns of 20.7%, your money works for you, and nobody else. You’ll wonder why you ever settled for 1%... 

Unique to crypto, the Divi Lottery.

You can earn tickets by winning stakes during the week, and enter the weekly lottery. Every week, over 500,000DIVI is paid out to 11 people for supporting the network. Get staking for your chance to win.

Experience the future of crypto.


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