Payments that just make sense.

Built with the user in mind, Divi Wallet makes payments easy. Crypto doesn’t have to be scary.

Some things don’t need reinventing.

Wallet addresses are bulky and frustrating. Send crypto to someone’s username, email, or mobile number. Be sure your crypto is getting where it’s meant to go. All of the security, none of the fuss.

Stack sats without leaving the wallet.

We love crypto. Store DIVI plus BTC, ETH, and LTC, with more currencies to be added. The future of finance will be made up of many. So why not hold them all?

Secure by design.

By creating a secure user experience, we’re reducing user error and making crypto easier and safer for everyone. We’ve leveraged biometric security, adding another layer of protection for our users. Don’t risk your assets. Use DiviWallet.

Your coins under your control. No exceptions.

We have built a wallet that feels like the best custodial solutions, without sacrificing any of our core values. Divi Wallet will never have access to your coins.

Experience the future of crypto.


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